I’m coming home … coming home! Tell the world that I’m coming home!!

The 1/2 hour drive home from Hope feels so long when you’re excited to get home and meet your loved ones after over a month! and .. the radio plays .. I Wanna Go Home by Michael Buble. *singing: I’m lucky I know, but I got to go home* Today has brought back memories from days in boarding high school. That last day of school when my grandpa would finally reach Dehradun after a two-day journey by train from Mumbai. And I would pack up everything I thought I needed (and not needed) for the next two months with family. My heart would beat so fast soon as I saw my grandpa’s rickshaw approaching the girls hostel. My feelings today have been somewhat similar.

I loved exploring British Columbia in a way I didn’t think possible and sis the kind of work that I find most satisfying. Hopefully, I was able to make a positive different in the lives of everyone I met. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone who made all the experiences on this trip possible for me.

With all my heart, I thank you!