To sting or not to sting

I was waiting for my bus the other day and I noticed there was a bee hovering around my head. It went to every person waiting at the bus stop with me. It almost felt like it was walking up to people and sniffing them like a dog would to get to know them.

The bus arrived and as all the people hopped into it, so did the bee. Again, the bee did the same thing, it went to every person and people started freaking out. After just a few minutes, a passenger got up and hit the bee with a newspaper, who was now resting on a window.

The sight really moved me. I felt like my heart was suddenly full of something, and it was going to overflow out of my body through my eyes.

I thought: The worst that a bee can do to me is sting me. It’ll swell, and hurt a lot for a few days. But the worst I am doing to it is taking its life away from it.