Dream Job

Often I’ve been asked in interviews and sometimes during intense career conversations with my parents, “Sonia, what do you even want to do?”

As a kid, I really wanted to be an “N.R.” (That was my way of making a career as a news reporter sound even cooler). Somehow, in the years I was added to the equation and I ended up as an N.R.I. (Non-Resident Indian). It’s weird how that materialized. Since that dream, I’ve had many different kinds of dreams and aspirations.

Today, I am a communication student pursuing a publishing minor, along with a background in business. When I googled all the things I could get into with a communications major, the choices were endless! The list of titles was overwhelming.

Despite studying the list thoroughly, I am still not able to answer the dream job question with enough certainty. But there are some things that I do know. I know that I’d like to be working…

… in branding
… in a creative environment
… around the world
… towards helping not-for-profits or even for profit companies with strong focus on sustainability
… with people
… to create a positive difference in the world
… design and campaign building
… with some public speaking/public relations work

But I’m sure that as I spend more time in the workforce and as long as I continue to do the things I enjoy doing, eventually I will end up in my dream job! And it’ll happen for you as well. Just keep doing the things you enjoy and do them for the right reasons. I promise success will find you!

And yes: