IWD 2014 with Young Women in Business (SFU)

Wishing you all a very happy International Women’s Day (IWD)!


Yesterday, I attended the annual IWD conference hosted by SFU YWiB and this year’s theme was Defining Success. Lien Yeung did a phenomenal job of MCing the conference! With keynote speakers such as Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett, Valeria Mason-John and Caroline MacGillivray, the seemingly simple theme developed in new lights throughout the conference.

The list of panelists consisted of some of Vancouver’s really accomplished and fantastic women: Jennifer Maloney, Chantelle Krish, Suzanne Siemens, Jill Earthy and Paulina Cameron.

I learnt many things about self love, mentorship, finding my passion, following your heart, networking, and received many tips on topics I hadn’t even thought of. I’ll try to list out all the lessons I learnt in a sensible order, so you can benefit from them as well. Caroline’s stories from her work with Beauty Night were incredible. As individuals, we have the power to changes people’s lives for the better. Don’t underestimate the value in making someone smile, including yourself.

I would like to thank everybody who made this event possible! Thank you!


What are your strengths? 

I personally have had problems figuring out what my strengths are. In the past, Ive heard things like: “Well, if you don’t know yourself, who does?” Now that’s a hard question to reply to. It is quite embarrassing to reply with: actually, i don’t. I know my name, and I know my stories, and I know my dreams. But I do have difficulties listing my values and strengths. Paulina mentioned Marcus Buckingham and I will definitely give Now, Discover Your Strengths a read.


Finding your passions, outlining your life:

Have you heard of a vision board? Here is an article from Oprah.com that can provide some tips on creating a vision board. Give it a try! As Jill mentioned, remember to leave some blanks spaces. Life is always changing and it is wise to leave room for growth.

Lessons from Dr. Valerie Mason-John:
Award winning author, coach, bully doctor, speaker
  • You could work in by burger bar, in a supermarket, and drive a bus and be successful.
  • Success will keep changing as you grow and develop.
  • Your twenties are all about recovering your childhood. So play, have fun.
  • My stinking-thinking (negative chatter that puts us down) got in the way of the flow of my success.
  • True success is about meeting challenges and enjoying those challenges.
  • The question isn’t what is success. It is what gives us simplicity, containment and stillness.
  • What’s the point if success if it doesn’t make you happy?
  • Practise of meditation will help you in achieving success. But there has to be an element of kindness in your meditation.
  • We do have a choice. We’re on autopilot, hence we forget. But we always have a choice.
  • She also referred to the following videos: You Are What You Think (from her TEDx talk) and Lupita Nyongo’s 2014 Oscar Speech
Interview Tips:
  • Practice interview answers.
  • You must have a cohesive connection of all skills underlined with passion.
  • Understand what you bring to the table. Not in terms of experience but your value as a person.
  • Always be prepared to talk about one success and one failure and what you’ve learnt from it.
  • Dress for the job. Over dress, but never under dress.
Find a mentor, or few. They will help you and guide you.
Mentorship programs:
  • YWiB has mentorship programs.
  • Mentorship BC is a good resource as well.
  • Find breakfast clubs in your community.
When approaching professionals for mentoring: be slightly specific. Tell them what’s in it for them, and for you.
During networking events, don’t ask for business cards right away. Have a conversation with them.
Design your elevator pitch. But keep it is simple and short.

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