22 Hindi Words & Phrases You’ll Need in India

Namaste! If the land of the Saints is on your bucket list, you’ll need to know a few phrases to get you by although it’s likely that you won’t need to use much if any Hindi (other than to impress new friends) if you’re visiting major cities.

Literal Translation Word/Phrase Pronounciation
1. How much? Kitna (Hua) Kit Na (Who Aa)
2. It’s okay! Theek Hai Teak Hair (r silent)
3. No Nahi Nuh He
4. Yes Haan Hah!
5. Good/Okay/Oh, really?/Listen up/Oh, well/Well! Acha Accha
6. Thank you Dhanyawaad Thun-ya-vaad
7. It’s nice to meet you. Aap se mil kar khushi hui Aap say mill kur khoo-shee hoo-ee
8. How are you? Aap Kaise Hain (respectful)

Kya Haal Hai

Aap kay-say hai

Kia Hull Hay

9. Where’s the phone? Phone kahaan hai? Phone kuh-haa hay
10. I want to make a phone call Mujhe phone karna hai Moo-jay phone kur-na hay
11. How much does this cost? Yeh kitne ka hai Yay kit-nay ka hai
12. Where’s the ____? ____ kidhar hai ___ key-thur hay
13. How far is (this) ___? (Ye) ___ kitna dur hai? Yay ___ kith-na thoor hay
14. I want (drinking) water. Mujhe (peene ka) paani Chahiye Moo-jay (pee-nay kaa) pa-knee chaah-he-yay
15. Help! Bachao! Ba-chow
16. I do not wish to go to that place. Main udhar jana nahi chahta (/chahti – for females) May oo-thur jaana nuh-hee chaah-ta
17. I want a ticket. Mujhe ticket chahiye Moo-jay ticket cha-hee-yay
18. Are you open tomorrow? (Store/shop/office) kal khula hai? (English word) cull khoo-la hay
19. This is too expensive. Ye bahut mehenga hai / Bahut zyaada dam hai Ye buh-hoot may-hen-ga hay / Buh-hoot zee-ya-da daam hay
20. Make your price less. Bhaav (dam) kam karo Bhaa-o (daam) kum kuh-roe
21. This costs 9 rupees. Iska dam 9 rupia hai Es-ka daam 9 roo-pee-ya hay
22. I do not know… Mujhe nahi malum Moo-jay nahi maa-loom

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