The White Dress Obsession

I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. Maybe Hollywood is nuts but people in movies and TV shows often make references to the importance of weddings for little girls. “She’s probably been planning her wedding since she was five!”

I honestly don’t know of any woman who has done this since she was five, or even ten! I’m pretty certain that the only thing I was planning when I was five was how I could get to eat ice cream for dinner. Any reference to a wedding was messily filed under the “eww gross” category.

Growing up, I was actually quite resentful of the idea of marriage. I didn’t want to get married because I didn’t want to leave my parents, ever. Eventually, I outgrew that idea too.

Weddings are a massive industry. And Indian weddings are a “massive industry” times 10. Let’s see… an average Hindu wedding includes the following events:

  • Mehndi/Henna Party
  • Sangeet/Music and Dance Party
  • Haldi/Turmeric Application Party
  • Baraat/The Groom’s Procession
  • Milni/Let’s Exchange Gifts Party
  • Phere/The Wedding
  • Vidaai/Goodbye Bride

Keep in mind that this is a pretty condensed list but there ya have it! It’s quite long, isn’t it? Ain’t no 5-year-old planning a 7-event wedding! Although they might as well eh? That’s a lot of planning.

Anyway, my point is that weddings are not as important for little girls. Although I can’t speak for grown women who voluntarily spend thousands of dollars to make their special day, well, special.

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