22 Hindi Words & Phrases You’ll Need For Your Next Trip

Namaste! If the land of the Saints is on your bucket list, you’ll need to know a few phrases to get you by although it’s likely that you won’t need to use much if any Hindi (other than to impress new friends) if you’re visiting major cities.

What’s Great About Mumbai

I miss my Mumbai. Being there for just 5 days was, well, brutal. It was fun, it was home, but I’m far away now and sometimes I wish I was back. So I thought I’d put together some images of Aamchi Mumbai, just to humour myself.

BBC: Beautiful British Columbia

I’ve been travelling and exploring the province of British Columbia for almost a month. I’m hired by a renowned ad agency to represent a few of their clients: various BC stewardship programs. I’ve been paired with a partner and she’ll be my partner in crime for the work term, i.e. till the end of August….