What do you do for yourself?

I visited my aunt yesterday and spent the entire day with her and my cousins. She served me some snacks in the evening while I was working on my Mac. I think I was on Twitter, checking my feed when she asked me: “Sonia, what do you do for yourself?” Continue reading “What do you do for yourself?”

Thank you for June 22, 2013

On this beautiful morning of June 22nd, 2013, I’d like to thank the powers of the Universe for allowing me to feel and see the wonderful world that we are blessed with!

In the past few months, in various ways, I have learnt that mornings are the best and most important part of one’s day. I know that if I sleep on early, I tend to like my early mornings. I definitely know that I enjoy not having to rush outside the door, struggling to get to work (or school) on time. The problem with my mornings was that I was not doing anything specific on the few days that I was able to see daybreak. Hence, for the first time today, I have decided to swim before breakfast. This is part of my new morning ritual. I chose to start small.


I’m coming home … coming home! Tell the world that I’m coming home!!

The 1/2 hour drive home from Hope feels so long when you’re excited to get home and meet your loved ones after over a month! and .. the radio plays .. I Wanna Go Home by Michael Buble. *singing: I’m lucky I know, but I got to go home* Today has brought back memories from days in boarding high school. That last day of school when my grandpa would finally reach Dehradun after a two-day journey by train from Mumbai. And I would pack up everything I thought I needed (and not needed) for the next two months with family. My heart would beat so fast soon as I saw my grandpa’s rickshaw approaching the girls hostel. My feelings today have been somewhat similar.

I loved exploring British Columbia in a way I didn’t think possible and sis the kind of work that I find most satisfying. Hopefully, I was able to make a positive different in the lives of everyone I met. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone who made all the experiences on this trip possible for me.

With all my heart, I thank you!

Check. Check. Check.

McBride, check. Valemount, check. Blue River, check. Clearwater, check. Next on list: Barriere, Hope, Chilliwack and HOME!

This trip has been nothing less than full of surprises. And tonight was no different. I went out to dine in Blue Loon Grill in Clearwater. To my surprise, we saw performers ready to begin singing. What’s more exciting? They were our hotel neighbours! We got to sit and chat together, they told us a little bit about themselves, and we did the same. Oh and about our hotel… It is beach facing!!

BBC: Beautiful British Columbia

With Peachy, With Tammy and Carin from NEAT, Drive to McBride

I’ve been travelling and exploring the province of British Columbia for almost a month. I’m hired by a renowned ad agency to represent a few of their clients: various BC stewardship programs. I’ve been paired with a partner and she’ll be my partner in crime for the work term, i.e. till the end of August. We’ve seen many breathtaking views on our long drives and met some of the kindest people.

Today we drove for 8 hours, from Fort St. John to McBride. Before leaving for McBride, I was able to meet with two amazing people from NEAT (Northern Environmental Action Team) and discussed various ideas to improve recycling facilities in our Beautiful British Columbia! You can follow their daily tips @NeatFSJ.

Oh, and I just saw a moose on Highway 97!!! So far, I’ve seen 6 bears, 3 deers, plenty horses and cows, and 1 antler-less moose.