Lock and Key

the locks were checked
twice, then thrice
the gate had been locked
because she’d paid the price
of trusting somebody to keep their promise
but, alas, they were all lies

Now the gates were shut
she sat alone in her garden
no one would ever come close
so she’d never lose a bargain

life would go on
and maybe one day she will stop hurting
but for now, there was the pain
of betrayal, and pieces from her heart’s breaking

to others, she seemed the same
she lived and she still laughed
but to her everything was distant
like touching earth from a spacecraft

it was hard to see
from behind the gated wall
but at least she was safe, finally invincible
so, she’d might as well have a ball

voices echoed and glasses clinked
at every party, she would raise a drink
she let loose and tried to forget
what had once caused that heart to sink

then, one day, she set her sight
on the most perfect shape of a man
he was tall, dark and handsome
and she blushed as much as a woman can

they talked for hours and hours
like lost souls reunited at last
they spoke of their childhood and dreams
one might even say, a spell had been cast

and then she heard the sound
so soft she almost missed it
a key turned in that precious lock
and the gate had opened just a bit


Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

That Girl.

She’s by the shores.
She’s watching the tides,
As they slam and retreat,
“My troubles that ride
Are finally taking a back seat.
They’re finally leaving my side.”

Childhood memories, turn to ash
Life relived, she remembers, “I’m free at last!”

No more broken glass,
There’s no more yelling.
I’m in this new world
What’s next, there’s no telling.

This place is unfamiliar,
Scary, but safe.
Even the sky here is clearer!
My soul is already forgetting the chafe.

There she comes, now she’s nearer.
Even though she’s scared,
She’s the new me,
And here, she’s set free.

When a home isn’t home, any other place will do.
In this school, I was alone, with the other 1,062.

I had heard the stories:
“Hostels are for the damned.
They’ll torture you till glory.”
But I was cursed, and these were the cards at hand.

Eventually, it got easier.
I stopped the internal war.
Eventually, I let my guard down,
And became happy to my core.

In this sense, life is funny.
That girl became wiser.
She now knows she wasn’t cursed
She now knows she was being nursed

I was in a crash course
And I didn’t even know it.
The Universe was teaching me
About love, and how to show it.

It’s true, it’s been a challenge
But sometimes you have to suffer.
You have to endure more than you can.
But today that kid is tougher.


Photo by Jonatán Becerra on Unsplash

The Great Thing About Copper

Last year, my mom discovered the benefits of wearing copper. Already a creative jewelry producer for her business Soham Handicrafts, she became obsessed with this red-brown metal and began making copper bracelets and rings almost exclusively.

My curiosity peaked as well, so I decided to Google for myself what all the fuss was about. Of course, my mom was right (aren’t they always?).  Continue reading “The Great Thing About Copper”

A career in counselling offers endless opportunities

Learning Curve article about new Counselling Therapist Diploma Program on Metro News. Published on July 3, 2017.

If you want to make a positive difference in people’s lives and in your own, consider Stenberg College’s Counselling Therapist Diploma Program. It will provide you with the stepping stones to help others overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and better their lives.

You will learn to approach and resolve real-life situations, proper self-care, ethical decision making, strengthen relationships, and other applicable soft skills.

With your diploma you can find employment in private practice, human resource departments, employee and family assistance programs, wellness clinics, treatment centres, government and not-for-profit organizations. With additional education, you will be able to teach counselling-related courses, contribute content for media, present at workshops, and even expand your clientele globally with a certification in cyber-counselling. The opportunities are endless.

“Stenberg College has gone to great lengths to create a program that can prepare you for the career of a professional counsellor. They are teaching all aspects of counselling which will help you to be successful,” says Gail Goncalves, registered professional counsellor, Fresh Beginnings Counselling. “I appreciate the experience and practice they will provide before you go out and start your career. As a college, they are always there to support you, even after you finish the program.

Your journey to a professional designation in counselling starts with Stenberg College’s Counselling Therapist Diploma Program. Graduates will be eligible to apply for registration with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists in Canada and the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA). In addition to preparing students for the CPCA Qualifying Examination, Stenberg provides free CPCA supervision services for up to 24 months after graduation.

“It is my professional opinion that Stenberg College’s Counselling Therapist Diploma Program not only meets — but exceeds — the unique needs of individuals searching for a counselling program. It provides a friendly and accessible campus, qualified and passionate instructors, and specialized courses that welcome and celebrate cultural diversity. Its focused curriculum trains students to earn the ‘gold seal’ of client care,” says Dr. Faizal Sahukhan, couples counsellor and clinical counselling supervisor

Whether you’re looking to embark on a new professional career or seeking personal growth, your counselling diploma will set you up for success. Visit stenbergcollege.com to learn more.

Click here to see the post on MetroNews.ca

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