18 Things

  1. I take New Years’ Resolutions very seriously. Seriously.
  2. If I could live in a TV town, I’d pick Stars Hollow and live with the Lorelai’s.
  3. Tech Addiction: Pinterest.
  4. My grandpa was my favorite man on the planet. He always will be.
  5. #ENTJ
  6. I can start dancing anywhere, anytime. I’m not very good but I’ll do it.
  7. Silversmithing is my new hobby.
  8. Even when I’m down, I know that everything happens for the best. Everything.
  9. I’m a dog and a cat person. Keyword: And.
  10. I can’t decide if I like iOS or Andriod better.
  11. Someday, I’d like to be a complete Star Wars and Doctor Who nerd.
  12. Past: Minimalist. Later: Hoarder. Future: Minimalist. Present: Somewhere in between.
  13. I believe in pursuing passions, not titles or paychecks.
  14. Sometimes I wish I had a cool middle name.
  15. Why do people name their children after cities or months?
  16. I hate that I love binge-watching TV shows on Netflix.
  17. Umm… I’m ambitious.
  18. If I don’t use smileys in my emails or texts, I think I’m being rude.