Dave Lede House

Background: Canuck Place Children’s Hospice built Dave Lede House in Abbotsford to better meet the need for pediatric palliative care services in British Columbia. During my term at Canuck Place, Dave Lede House was in phase 2 of a 4-phase plan. In phase 2, the construction of the building was complete and community centered services such as consultation visits by physicians, nurses, and counselors in hospitals and homes, and recreational therapy for children and families registered in the program were being provided.

Brief: A handout to present to attendees of the open house event for informing them about Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, Dave Lede House, and the 4-phase plan,

Solution: A 12-page booklet, called “Your Passport” was created and presented to all guests upon arrival. To encourage visits to selected rooms of the building, a self-guided tour was designed. The booklet contained details about the tour, namely stories, images, and locations. The book also contained a welcome message, agenda for the evening, and contact information.

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