Therapeutic Recreation: A Career Dedicated to Fun and Wellness

Learning Curve article about Therapeutic Recreation (Gerontology) Program on Metro News. Published on August 7, 2017.

Our elders are an asset, not a liability, and they deserve to be cared for and heard. If you are fueled by compassion, enjoy working with elderly individuals, and like the idea of using recreation as a tool for wellness, consider a career in Therapeutic Recreation (THR). As a Therapeutic Recreation Assistant, you will help seniors maintain their quality of life by using a person-centred approach and putting their needs first. You will develop, facilitate, and measure programming, and promote health through leisure education, client interventions, community development, partnership, physical activity, and fall prevention.

Growing old is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be colorless. This career will allow you to use your talents towards enhancing the lives of seniors in long-term care. Through creative activities, you will fill their lives with fun and laughter, and raise their level of self-esteem and life satisfaction. Imagine putting on a concert, or hosting a painting night. Or, taking them for a walk outdoors or reading to them. Even something as simple as reminiscing about fond memories over a cup of tea could mean a lot to someone.

If you’re on the hunt for a fulfilling career in healthcare where you can be creative, become a Therapeutic Recreation Assistant. Your every day will be purposeful and you will go home knowing that you made a profound difference in someone’s life.

Therapeutic Recreation Assistant and Stenberg College grad, Sarah Evans, testifies, “The work I do as a Recreation Therapy Assistant in providing meaningful activities for the residents is so important. It’s amazing the effect that recreational programs have on the quality of living for seniors in long-term care and it’s a wonderful feeling to know that I am a part of that.”

There is a shortage of THR assistants in the industry, and the demand is expected to grow. Stenberg grads have an excellent reputation with employers — 100% of Stenberg College’s Therapeutic Recreation Diploma grads find employment within 6 months of graduation and can earn $16-$24.83/hr. For more information, visit