Check. Check. Check.

McBride, check. Valemount, check. Blue River, check. Clearwater, check. Next on list: Barriere, Hope, Chilliwack and HOME!

This trip has been nothing less than full of surprises. And tonight was no different. I went out to dine in Blue Loon Grill in Clearwater. To my surprise, we saw performers ready to begin singing. What’s more exciting? They were our hotel neighbours! We got to sit and chat together, they told us a little bit about themselves, and we did the same. Oh and about our hotel… It is beach facing!!

BBC: Beautiful British Columbia

With Peachy, With Tammy and Carin from NEAT, Drive to McBride

I’ve been travelling and exploring the province of British Columbia for almost a month. I’m hired by a renowned ad agency to represent a few of their clients: various BC stewardship programs. I’ve been paired with a partner and she’ll be my partner in crime for the work term, i.e. till the end of August. We’ve seen many breathtaking views on our long drives and met some of the kindest people.

Today we drove for 8 hours, from Fort St. John to McBride. Before leaving for McBride, I was able to meet with two amazing people from NEAT (Northern Environmental Action Team) and discussed various ideas to improve recycling facilities in our Beautiful British Columbia! You can follow their daily tips @NeatFSJ.

Oh, and I just saw a moose on Highway 97!!! So far, I’ve seen 6 bears, 3 deers, plenty horses and cows, and 1 antler-less moose.