Poem || You Don’t Even Know Her

That fucking thing again
Emotionless, selfish,
She’s a heartbreaker, and
probably standoffish

Yes, that’s what they say
we’ve all heard that rumor
about the girl that apparently
we see in the mirror

What is this habit of theirs
of judging women, people
nobody is a fucking mindreader
and none could write our prequel

leave her alone
and our “emotionless” faces too
if they want the truth
in their hearts, love needs to brew

she’s just her
she don’t need you
not today, not tomorrow
but we can’t say the same for you

step into the new era
where there are no flaws
where there’s light in everything
and the earth is filled with stars

we’re all so powerful already
we have the strength of the universe
we can put life into a dead smile
and break every damn curse

That’s what we’re good at
so just accept it fast
and next time you see her
dear adult, please act better than last